CDMO Partner

Hanmi Fine Chemical Research Institute is actively conducting domestic & overseas CDMO businesses. Starting with process development and analytical method development in the pre-clinical stage, and leading to the GMP production of clinical samples, we proceed with continuity while meeting the needs of our customers. Also, the permit-related documents required to be submitted by the institution are provided according to plan.


  • Hanmi Pharm.
  • Anticancer
  • Ph II
  • Partnership with BI (WW), Zai Lab. (China)
  • HFC manufacture & supply API to BI
  • Rights were returned to Hanmi in 2017


  • Hanmi Pharm.
  • Autoimmune Disease
  • Ph II
  • Licensed to Eli Lilly in 2015
  • HFC supplied API for clinical trial to Eli Lilly
  • Rights were returned to Hanmi in 2019


  • Hanmi Pharm.
  • Anticancer
  • Ph II
  • Partnership with Spectrum
  • HFC supplies a key intermediate to DS CMO for Korea and US markets


  • Hanmi Pharm.
  • PgP Inhibitor for anticancer treatment
  • Commercial
  • HFC supplied API to Athenex


  • Hanmi Pharm.
  • Anticancer
  • Ph I
  • Partnership with Genentech
  • HFC provided API for clinical trial to Genentech


  • Astellas
  • Authorized Generic for WW
  • HFC supplies API: One of the top quality API in the world
  • Registered as STD in China


  • MSD
  • Rosuzet® is a dual-action hyperlipidemia drug with Rosuvastatin and Ezetimibe
  • HFC supplies Rosuvastatin to MSD