HR System

Visions of Talents Global talents with creative, challenge-seeking spirits are those who will lead a better future
Ten Virtues of Elite Hanmi People
  1. 1A person who follows the basics and values principles
  2. 2A person who is enthusiastic and creative
  3. 3A person who breaks away from the stereotypes of the past
  4. 4A person with strong senses of perseverance, persistence, and achievement
  5. 5A person who earns trust with integrity and responsibility
  6. 6A person who values organization over selfish egocentricity
  7. 7A person with circumspection and the quality of being meticulous
  8. 8A person who thinks deeply and thoroughly when working
  9. 9A person who is passionate about their work람
  10. 10A person who aspires to be the best at everything

Talent Development A systematic program to foster elite Hanmi employees.

Elite Hanmi People

Internalization of core values
  • Education program for management philosophy, internalization of core values
Self-directed learning
  • Self-development support
  • Support for building a learning organization
  • C.I.Q system operation, etc.
  • GMP training
  • Support for participation in overseas exhibitions and academic seminars, etc.
  • Systematic OJT
  • On the Job Training for external professional institutions
  • SME system operation
  • Rotational position system, job posting and bidding system, etc.
Hanmi Leadership Training
  • Leadership training by position
  • MBA education of a team leader
  • Core Talent Fostering Education
  • Support system for higher learning institutions
Court education
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Education
  • Education on workplace harassment prevention
  • Education to improve perception of the disabled
  • Information security education
  • Occupational safety and health environment education, etc.
Common competency education
  • Foreign language education
  • Book learning education, etc.
Evaluation and Rewards Performance evaluations and rewards policy to foster and support innovative talent
Fair Performance Evaluation
  • We conduct multi-faceted evaluations in accordance with unique evaluation criteria for each position for fair performance evaluations.
  • We provide opportunities for growth based on the evaluation feedback in order to facilitate further talent development through evaluation.
Fair Compensation
  • We provide various benefits, such as promotion, rewards, and training based on the evaluation results.
Welfare We offer a welfare system that actively supports work-life balance and growth.
복리후생 제도 표
Category Policy
Competence Strengthening and Self-development
  • Support for entrance into higher learning institutions
  • MBA operation
  • Operation of in-house foreign language courses
  • Active support for self-development
Support for Work-life Balance
  • Support for family events
  • Support in celebration of childbirth
  • Support for a child's educational expenses
  • Support in celebration of birthday
  • Support for physical examinations (once annually)
  • Rewards for long-term employees
  • Support for refreshing vacations and condos
  • Employee discounts for famous hotels and condos
  • Conduct events such as culture day and flea market
  • Support for running clubs
Work Environment
  • In-house book cafe operation
  • Create a female-friendly working environment (women-only lounge and nursing room)
  • Operation of employee association
  • Shuttle bus and clothing support
  • In-house cafeteria operation
  • Flexible working arrangement operation