Manufacturing Support Facility

Hanmi Fine Chemical is the world's highest quality raw material pharmaceutical production company.

  • HVAC System(Heating, Ventilating, Air conditioning System)

    By building a highly clean environment due to the dualization of HEPA Filter in the Chamber and Terminal. we are preventing environmental damage and cross-contamination by applying carbon and HEPA filters on the side of an exhaust. We maintain the optimal environment and strengthen safety through 24-hour monitoring of the temperature, humidity, differential pressure, and air particles in major clean areas.

  • PW System (Purified Water System)

    Through the USP Purified Water Quality, we are conducting systematic, 24-hour, around-the-clock management through the fully automated system. As a loop return structure, no dead-leg is seen in any sections, we always maintain a constant temperature, and we periodically carry out sterilization.

  • Excellent Warehouse Management Facility

    We have established excellent warehouse management regulations and are operating as a warehouse compatible with the GMP. We are putting forth efforts to maintain a homogeneous state of the product throughout the entire process of storage, transportation, and packaging, including the management of stored samples, regular calibration of the temperature and humidity instruments, temperature mapping, and temperature and humidity management during transport using data loggers. We have established a room temperature and low temperature warehouse system for semi-finished products, products, and raw materials that are over 160 tons to manage our excellent warehouses at the current GMP level. Also, when an alarm goes off, a rapid, systematic protocol is established and managed through the real-time alarm.