Management Policy + EHS Management

The EHS Management Policy

Hanmi Fine Chemical clearly recognizes that Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) management is an essential core element for sustainable management and corporate activities.​
Hanmi Fine Chemical is making a new leap forward as a global pharmaceutical company and is carrying out our mission to create a safe and healthy corporation based on the management philosophies of showing respect to humans and the creation of value.

  1. 01We strive to become a leading corporation that secures legal safety by complying with the relevant environmental, health, and safety laws domestically and internationally, and we will continue to work to further develop the social community and fulfill our social responsibilities.
  2. 02We discover preliminary risks through systematic and quantitative analysis, we will continue to conduct consistent safety and prevention activities to create a safe working environment with zero risk of accidents, and we will establish an organizational culture that strictly complies with these basic principles.
  3. 03We strive to help enhance the environment, health, and safety improvement activities of the employees of Hanmi Fine Chemical and other related partners by establishing an integrated environmental, health, and safety system that has been scientifically verified.
  4. 04In order to fulfill our environmental responsibilities through which humans and nature coexist, we have set specific goals for minimizing our environmental impact and we regularly check the implementation status.
  5. 05We transparently disclose our environmental, health, and safety activities, and we continue to strengthen and comply with the EHS management policy through active communication and education with the interested parties.
  6. 06We will establish a low-energy & low-carbon business environment by continuously promoting energy performance improvement and efficiency enhancement activities.
CEO Young-kil Chang


  • Wastewater Management

    TMS operation ▷ Monitoring contamination density ordinary.​

    All wastewater is treated into wastewater treatment facility of the Sihwa Fashion color Union's Joint.

  • Waste Management

    Implementation of lawful treatment of the generated waste and performance management of the resource circulation​

    Expansion the recycling of the Waste solvent ▷ Increase recycling rate

  • ​Energy & Greenhouse Gas Management

    Participation in the greenhouse gas level target management system​

    Energy diagnosis & sustainable energy saving activities

  • Atmosphere Management

    Compliance with emission standards​

    Operation of monitoring systems ▷Proper operation at all time

  • Hazardous Substances Management

    Compliance with management standards for handling facilities

    The Leaders of local Chemistry Safety Association ▷ Chemical accident prevention activities

    Management of Hazardous substance (MSDS)

  • Antimicrobial Resistance framework

    Environmental emissions reduction activities of antibiotics

    Validation of antibiotics detection in wastewater ▷ Calculation of PEC/PNEC value


  • Work Environment Measurement

    Sample collection, analysis, and evaluation of harmful factors for workers in the relevant production process in order to identify the actual, real-life situations of a working environment.

  • Industrial Hygiene Program

    Manage the work environment of workers that may exert an influence on injuries or diseases through the Anticipation, Recognition, Assessment, and Control (AREC) Process.

  • Creation of a Safe Laboratory Environment

    Creation of a safe research environment by assigning a principal laboratory manager and laboratory safety environment supervisor.

  • FIT test

    Performance of a quantitative FIT test as part of a protective equipment management program, including the selection and supply of appropriate personal protective equipment.

  • Medical Surveillance and Follow-up management

    Medical Surveillance and Follow-up management are carried out to determine the risk of occupational diseases at an early stage and prevent them in advance, as they may be caused by various harmful factors at work.

  • Musculoskeletal System Disease Prevention Program

    To prevent common diseases in the musculoskeletal system, we carry out 10-minute stretches every morning, provide fatigue-prevention mats, and conduct regular training on handling heavy objects.


  • Emergency Response Drill

    Training to protect people and property, and to minimize damage by using the given material & human resources in case of emergencies, such as fire, leakage, or explosion.

  • Participation in Cooperation for Contractors

    Activities to promote annual technical management support to partners to enhance the safety and health level of partner companies and to prevent safety accidents at worksites

  • Electricity & Fire Safety

    Operating an electrical safety management system to block the root cause of electrical accidents, Managing preemptive countermeasures to prevent electrical disasters. Establishing an early-stage fire extinguishing system for fire prevention, and conducting systematic fire safety monitoring through smart solutions.

  • Industrial Safety and Health Committee

    ​In order to review and decide upon important matters related to safety and health, including the installation of hazardous facilities and handling of hazardous materials, we organize an equal number of members representing the workers and users for smooth operation once per quarter.

  • Process Safety Management (PSM)

    Carried out 12 elements of PSM to prevent “severe industrial accidents” caused by the leakage of hazardous materials, fires, explosions, etc.

  • Establishment of an Advanced Safety Culture

    In order to spread the establishment of an advanced safety culture, we have assigned a safety day to encourage workers’ participation through the awarding of Near miss report Awards and safety quizzes, and we conduct on-site management activities with leaders to prevent accidents through “Safety Service that Comes to You”.

Status of Certification Awards

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  • EHS Management Policy

    This is a policy established to fully carry out our mission to create a safe and healthy corporation based on the management philosophies of showing respect to humans and creating value.

  • Environmental Management System Certification
    (ISO 14001)

    This is a system for practicing Environmental management by reflecting the progressive demands of society for environmental protection and by continuously identifying and improving environmental problems.

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  • Occupational Health & Safety Management System Certification

    We operate a safety & health management system to identify risk factors in order to prevent autonomous industrial accidents

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  • Business Continuity Management System Certification
    (ISO 22301)

    BCMS (Business Continuity Management System) is a system to secure the stable supply and business resilience for the interested parties by allowing continuous business operation in situations that cause suspension of business due to potential threats or disasters.

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  • Occupational Health & Safety Management System Certification
    (ISO 45001)

    We operate a safety & health management system to identify risk factors in order to prevent autonomous industrial accidents

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